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What Does Software Engineering Involve?

The first point that has to be made about software engineering is because of its scope of activities. Software engineering may be the management of the entire process of progression of computer systems to solve problems. - Graduate Projects Ideas

As software systems have grown more sophisticated and complex, software developers have sought new methods for their development. Software engineering is a response to that need. Software engineering continues to be rapidly changing and maturing.

Typically, when someone is told to publish a program, someone else has told him or her what the program is always to do and why; the programmer is worried only with how to write it. As software engineers, however, we will be the ones concerned with the what and why. Software engineering includes the entire range of activities having to do with problem solving - from improving the client define the issue or opportunity, to evaluating the client's satisfaction with all the solution.

Developing a software system may need writing a whole collection of programs to tell machines what direction to go, writing procedures to share with people what to do, and providing training in order that people understand how to do it. We may need to convert data from a vintage system so it could be run by a new system, hire people and find machines to run the programs, and have space in which the machines and people can do their work. What we are building can be a system of many parts working together. Such an endeavor requires patience and flexibility. We will have to fix the system when it does not do what we should expected, or the client may ask us to change the system because he or sherrrd like it do something else not previously intended.

Programming might be no more than 20 per cent of the total scope of software engineering, as well as the fraction of effort a part of programming can be expected to decrease as improved methods are used for developing software systems. As time passes, more of our effort will go into managing the overall process and fewer into programming. - Graduate Projects Ideas

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